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Sumatra - Indonesia: 500g Wholebean

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100% Arabica Coffee Beans


Notes: Candied sweetness, Herbal, Forest Fruits and Almonds.

In the northern state of Aceh in Sumatra, the coffee plants flourish in a unique environment. The coffee benefits from the perfect combination of the Indonesian sun, the rich volcanic soil and being nestled within mountain basins around Lake Tawar.

Each one of these attributes works hand in hand to create coffee with intense flavours found nowhere else in the world.


  • Set your grinder to ensure the following;

  • Use 18 - 19 grams per shot

  • There is a 3 - 5 second delay before the shot starts to pour from the porter filter

  • The shot should pour as if defying gravity. It will look like thin dark shoelace. When it starts tolighten in colour, the extraction is complete.

  • Look at the shot of espresso, it should have two or three shades of brown within the crema (Often referred to as Tiger stripes)

  • The shot should take between 20- 25 seconds

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Nutritional Info

Coffee is not currently considered an allergen

Suitable for vegetarians

Packaged in a protective environment

No artificial flavours or preservatives added

Nespresso Espresso in cup next to box of FUSI YAMA ROMO blend nespresso compatible pods

A perfect serve...

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