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Set your grinder to ensure the follow;

Use 18 - 19 grams per shot

There is a 3 - 5 second delay before the shot starts to pour from the porter filter

The shot should pour as if defying gravity. It will look like thin dark shoelace. When it starts tolighten in colour, the extraction is complete.

Look at the shot of espresso, it should have two or three shades of brown within the crema (Often referred to as Tiger stripes)

The shot should take between 20- 25 seconds

French Press

A cafetiere, kettle, coffee (50g per litre, this will serve four cups of coffee), cup, grinder, spoon

Boil the kettle

Warm the cafetiere with water and then discard the water

Weigh the coffee and grind to a coarse grit style of grind (if you don't have scales use a measuring spoon)

Put the coffee in the cafetiere

Fill with water until 1/3 full

Leave to rest for 30 seconds and then stir

Add the rest of the water

Leave to rest for 4 minutes

Stir once and remove the top layer of coffee

Push the plunger down gently

Heat cup

Pour, serve and enjoy

V60 (drip)

You will need a V60, 15 grams of coffee beans (for one cup), 250ml of filter water plus water for rinsing filter paper, a kettle, v60 filter papers, grinder, scales or a measuring spoon.

Boil your water

Place your v60 over your cup and then place the filter paper in the v60

Pour the boiling water over the filter paper making sure you get all of the paper wet.  This will secure the filter paper and get rid of any paper taste it will also warm your cup! 

Take the v60 of the mug and discard the rinse water.

Take your coffee beans and grind them to a medium fine grind.

Place your coffee in the centre of the dripper and make a dent in the centre with your finger.

Pour the water into the hole and make sure that all the coffee grounds are wet.

Wait for this water to drain through.

Then start pouring the remaining water in circles, make sure the water goes around the edges of the paper wetting all of the coffee.

Allow the water to drain through, this should take no longer than 3 minutes (if it does the coffee is too fine) and no less than 2 minutes (if it does the coffee is too coarse).

Remove the dripper from your cup and discard the filter paper. 

Sit down, relax and enjoy!  

Branded FUSI YAMA Image with 3 lattes each with different art patterns

Tips for success.

1.  Your beans should be ground to suit your preferred brewing method.

2.  A coarse grind is perfect for a cafetiere. Use a medium grind for a drip filter method and a fine grind for an espresso.

3.  Try to brew your coffee straight after grinding to get maximum flavour.

4.  Once opened, store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Consume within 2 weeks.