Everything you need to know about Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee

What is Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee?

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is a premium coffee variety that is grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, a region known for its ideal coffee-growing conditions. It is considered one of the most prestigious and sought-after coffees in the world.

Located on the eastern side of the island, the region's high altitude, volcanic soil, ample rainfall, and misty climate create optimal conditions for coffee cultivation.

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is known for its silky smooth floral notes with a delicate acidity and creamy finish.

To be labelled as Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, the beans must meet strict regulations and be certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica, the coffee division of JACRA. These regulations ensure the authenticity and quality of the coffee, protecting its reputation.

Overall, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is renowned for its exceptional quality, distinctive flavour, and limited availability, making it a prized and highly valued coffee variety.

What is JACRA?

The Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority is responsible for the regulation, promotion, standardisation and development of the agricultural commodities industry in Jamaica, which includes coffee, cocoa, coconut, and the spices (nutmeg, pimento, ginger and turmeric).

The coffee division of JACRA is the owner of the Jamaica Blue Mountain ® and Jamaica High Mountain Supreme ® trademarks. 

The premium nature of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee means that it has become an attractive product to imitate. Our coffee is certified by JACRA, meaning that you really do get what it says on the tin!

Why is Jamaica blue mountain expensive?

A quick search of google will inform you that Jamaica Blue Mountain is among the most expensive coffees in the world.

Jamaica blue mountain is generally considered to be expensive as it is highly sought after by coffee enthusiasts around the world due to its unique flavour profile, mild acidity and smoothness. Of the small quantities produced in the Blue Mountain region, strict quality standards further contribute to its higher price compared to other coffees. Resultingly the high demand and limited availability of certified Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee drives up the price for consumers across the world.

Is Jamaica Blue Mountain worth the price?

This is of course a highly subjective matter, but here are a few factors to consider when deciding if Jamaica blue mountain is worth the higher price tag:

  1. Superior taste: Amongst single origin coffees, Jamaica blue mountain is known first and foremost for its smooth, balanced flavour with hints of chocolate and fruitiness. Of course, everybody’s tastes and preferences are different but our team universally considers Jamaica Blue mountain particularly silky and enjoyable.
  2. Quality: Certified Jamaica blue mountain coffee is grown, processed and distributed under strict regulations and quality standards. The beans are carefully selected, hand-picked and meticulously processed to ensure consistency of the product and to maintain the reputation of excellence in coffee. 
  3. Rarity: Due to geographical constraints, production of Jamaica Blue Mountain is limited, making it a rare and exclusive coffee.

It’s important to note that Jamaica Blue Mountain isn’t the only high-quality coffee that the world has to offer. We offer a selection of premium and award-winning coffees at a variety of price points.

What is the best way to brew Jamaica blue mountain coffee?

For the ultimate cup of Jamaica Blue Mountain, we think the best ways to prepare your coffee include pour-over (V60), French Press or a drip machine. See our brewing guides for some tips on how to get the most out of your beans.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Barrel

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