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ROMO Blend: 500g Wholebean

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Notes: Smooth & Fruity with high notes of blackcurrant and stone fruits. Rich and syrupy in the body with a dark chocolate finish. 

The ROMO Espresso Blend was created over a six month trial and error period, trying to capture the espresso bars of Rome in a cup. ROMO has won several awards - including the widely revered Great Taste Award - and been voted 'The Bean Hunters' Cafe of the year in 2015, 2016 & 2018. Romo blend consists of Ethiopian Sidamo, RFA Guatemala & Columbian Huila.

Our ROMO blend is also available packed conveniently into Nespresso® compatible aluminium pods!


  • Set your grinder to ensure the following;

  • Use 18 - 19 grams per shot

  • There is a 3 - 5 second delay before the shot starts to pour from the porter filter

  • The shot should pour as if defying gravity. It will look like thin dark shoelace. When it starts tolighten in colour, the extraction is complete.

  • Look at the shot of espresso, it should have two or three shades of brown within the crema (Often referred to as Tiger stripes)

  • The shot should take between 20- 25 seconds

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Nutiritional Info

Coffee is not currently considered an allergen

Suitable for vegetarians

Packaged in a protective environment

No artificial flavors or preservatives added

Nespresso Espresso in cup next to box of FUSI YAMA ROMO blend nespresso compatible pods

A perfect serve...

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